Sunday, June 14, 2009

Since we last met ...

GLORY OF THEIR TIMES is no longer Harrisburg Giants or not even just baseball for that matter. Everyday brings a new twist. Oh, there is still some great baseball in The Beer League. However there is also boxing, golf, and horseracing, trivia and, hopefully, interesting sports lists. Here is what is upcoming this week:

Standings W L PCT GB
Buddha's Belly 22 14 0.611
Allah's Angels 21 15 0.583 1
Yahweh's Yankees 21 15 0.583 1
Olympics 18 18 0.500 4
Nirvana Nites 17 19 0.472 5
Elysian Eagles 16 20 0.444 6
Valhalla Victory 16 20 0.444 6
Paradise Pythians 13 23 0.361 9

This week's games
Eagles Walsh 2-1 v Olympics Keefe 3-3
Victory Newhouser 1-4 v Belly Johnson 5-1
Pythians Paige 4-3 v Nites Smith 4-1
Angels Hubbell 3-2 v Yankees Gomez 3-2

NOTES: That's not Joe Walsh of the Eagles, rather Ed ... make that Big Ed to you ... Walter Johnson tries for the 2nd time for win #6 ... Satchel Paige used to start games hurl three innings to satisfy fans and give way to Hilton Smith to finish up; now, this week its Paige v Smith; should be interesting ... the final game of this, the thirty-seventh, round pits a couple of New Yorkers against each other - the New York Yankees Lefty Gomez, still a Yankee v Carl Hubbell of the New York Giants, now an Angel; those two teams are tie for 2nd a game behind Buddha's Belly ... exciting week on the sandlot.

Monday means the Wonderful World of Golf: Dr. Cary Middlecoff, a winner of three major titles, takes on Henry Picard, locally known as the professional at both Hershey Country Club and the Country Club of Harrisburg, in an effort to wrestle the King of the Hill title. Should Picard triumph again it is expected that either Sam Snead or Gene Sarazen will get the "stopper" assignment next week.

Tuesday means a Trivia question.

Wednesday means the bookie speaks and we see Tale of the Tape and The Morning Line.

Thursday is the back nine of Monday's golf match.

Friday means the week's big bout, Friday Night Fights: In the final quarter-final bout of Glory's Heavyweight Tourney Jack Dempsey takes on Sam Langford. Langford represents what Dempsey ducked during his championship reign - a Black man. In fact, the principal African-American that lurked in the shadows during Dempsey's reign, Harry wills, will be working in the Langford corner. Should be an interesting fight. I don't see Langford, who beat the great John L. Sullivan in the prelim, pulling off another upset. If Wills gets a shot somewhere down the road that may be another story.

Saturday can only mean one thing, the Sport of Kings: Saturday's horse race features three great horses - Gallant Fox, Equipoise and Sysonby

Sunday is when we wrap up one week and, as we do in this post, preview the next. It is also when we display a Sports List like this one:

This week's depicts the twenty greatest horses of the Glory period (i.e. pre 4/47)
1 Man O' War
2 Count Fleet
3 War Admiral
4 Colin
5 Equipoise
6 Phar Lap
7 Seabiscuit
8 Whirlaway
9 Gallant Fox
10 Exterminator
11 Sysonby
12 Assault
13 Discovery
14 Challedon
15 Armed
16 Busher
17 Stymie
18 Gallorette
19 Sir Barton
20 Twenty Grand
SOURCE: Blood-Horse Magazine, 1999


wifey615 said...

My uncle is Spottswood Poles. Nice article.

thank you!

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