Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Saint Louis Browns

July 14, 2008 Island Park, Harrisburg
A – 2,413
Umpires – Art Fields, Julip Arp

StL 001 000 009 -10 14 0 LP – Jim Palmer
Hbg 032 100 54x - 15 18 1 WP – Willie Gisentaner
HR – Rev Cannady (2), John Beckwith 2 (3), Rap Dixon (2)

The Harrisburg Giants ended their season opening 8 game losing streak in spectacular fashion this afternoon on the island. The Giants scored 15 runs on 18 hits including four circuit clouts. John Beckwith (4 for 28 entering the game) went 4 for 5 with 6 ribbies. Dixon (.405 on the season) and Cannady added three hits each. This first win was a laugher until the 9th with the Giants entering the last inning. Willie Gisentaner was in control but when he yielded a leadoff double Manager Charleston turned the game over to Sam Cooper. Cooper faced three men who all reached; Wilbur Pritchard did Cooper one better facing four without an out. Finally, it was Miles Lucas turn and he got lucky with his second batter – after a double – when the ballpark barely held Brooks Robinson’s deep sacrifice fly. Baby Doll Jacobsen singled in the game’s final run before Lucas retired the last two batters. The entire lineup reached and scored in that closing stanza.

Same two teams tomorrow and what promises to be an intense game with Charlie being hit with purpose pitches in both of the last two games and Earl Weaver managing the Brownies. It will be Chas Henry versus Miguel Cuellar.

Saint Louis Cardinals

July 11th, 2008 Island Park, Harrisburg
A - 3,145
Umps - Julip Arp, Art Fields

StL 012 301 040 -12 WP - Dizzy Dean
hbg 000 210 010 - 4 LP - Chas Henry
HR - John Mize, Lou Brock 2, Oscar Charleston, Enos Slaughter

July 12th, 2008 Island Park, Harrisburg
A - 3,206
Umps - Art Fields, Julip Arp

StL 011 005 000 - 7 WP - Bob Gibson
hbg 000 001 003 - 4 LP - Daltie Cooper
HR - Ken Boyer, John Beckwith, Edgar Wesley

July 13th, 2008 Rossmere Base Ball Park, Lancaster
A - 4,002
Umps - Joe Dennison, John Craig

StL 010 010 410 - 7 WP - Pop Haines Save - Lindy McDaniel
hbg 000 004 100 - 5 LP - Geechie Corbett
HR - Enos Slaughter, Red Schoendienst

Umps - John Craig, Joe Dennison
StL 001 030 010 - 5 WP - Slim Sallee Save - Lindy McDaniel
hbg 000 003 100 - 4 LP - Cliff Carter
HR - none

NOTES: Rap Dixon is hitting .375 (12 for 32); Oscar Charleston .393 (11 for 28). The Crawfords post the Negro League clubhouse lead with a 4-0 + 12 record; the Cardinals topped that from the National League side with a 4-0 +13 record. Net in are the Saint Louis Browns which will feature Satchel Paige, The Giants are feeling confident about grabbing a win from the Brownies but Manager Charleston is making no guarantees.

Crawford Series

2008-II Opener, July 7th. Island Park, Harrisburg, PA
Attendance 6,001
Umpires: Julip Arp, Art Fields

Pittsburgh 100 020 230 - 8 12 1 WP - Satchel Paige
Harrisburg 020 110 000 - 4 7 0 LP -- Satchel Paige
HR - Oscar Johnson, Josh Gibson, Jud Wilson

Paige of the Crawfords, 9IP, 7H, 4R, 4ER, 10K, 0W
Paige of the Giants, 9IP, 12H, 8R, 8ER, 6K, 0W

Satchel Paige celebrated the 102nd anniversary of his birth in spectacular fashion by pitching for both clubs today at Island Park. Unfortunately his pitching didn't live up to the usual standards. Combined though, he did pitch two complete games while striking out 16 batters and walking none. The game itself was much more competitive than the final score indicated.

The Crawfords jumped in front when Cool Papa Bell singled, stole and scored on Rap Dixon's single. The Giants came back in the bottom of the 2nd with extra base hits by Heavy Johnson and Rev Cannady and a sacrifice fly by Frank Grant produced two runs. Johnson slammed a homer in the bottom of the 4th stretching the hometown lead to 3-1. In the top of the next inning, Sam Bankhead singled and scored on Judy Johnson's triple. Pat Patterson's sacrifice fly tied the game at 3-3. The Giants came right back in the bottom, on Rap Dixon's two out single, a steal and Oscar Charleston's tiebreaking single.

The Crawfords went in front for good when Josh Gibson and Jud Wilson hit back to back homers. The fords added three insurance runs in the 8th. Paige, for the Crawfords, earned the win by recording the last 13 outs while yielding no hits.

The two teams will grapple again tomorrow at 3:00 on the Island. It will be Daltie Cooper for the Giants versus Hall of Fame southpaw Willie Foster for the Crawfords.

July 8th. Island Park, Harrisburg, PA
Attendance 4,981
Umpires: Art Fields, Julip Arp

Pittsburgh 100 020 230 - 8 12 1 WP - Willie Foster
Harrisburg 020 110 000 - 4 7 0 LP - Daltie Cooper
HR - Jud Wilson

The Pittsburgh Crawfords beat the Harrisburg Giants for the 7th consecutive today on the island. Jud Wilson homered for the second game in a row. Herb Dixon rapped four hits for the Giants in a losing cause.

July 9th, 2008 Island Park, Harrisburg
A - 3281
Umps - Arp, Craig

Pgh 100 013 002 - 7 WP - Harvey S - Double Duty Radcliffe
Hbg 120 100 101 - 6 LP - Red Ryan
HR - Bell, Cannady, Jenkins

July 10th, 2008 Island Park
A - 2872
Umps - Craig, Arp

Pgh 310 003 200 - 9 WP - Leroy Matlock
Hbg 030 003 000 - 6 LP - Willie Gisentaner
HR - Josh Gibson, Fats Jenkins

NOTES: The Pittsburgh Crawfords captured their 10th consecutive game Thursday afternoon on the Island. The fords four game sweep with a 12 run margin provided a target for the 15 remaining Negro League teams. The three best performances advance to the second round of games.Cool Papa Bell was 7 for 16 (.438), a couple of doubles, a homer, 5 steals, three walks, 5 runs scored, and 5 knocked in. Josh Gibson and Jud Wilson each slammed two homers in the series; as did Fats Jenkins for the good guys.

On Deck: Pittsburgh Crawfords

TEAM: Pittsburgh Crawfords

WHERE AND WHEN: Island Park, Harrisburg, PA, 12:00 p.m., Monday; 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

CRAWFORD PROBABLE STARTERS: RHP Satchel Paige, LHP Willie Foster, LHP Leroy Matlock, and RHP Roosevelt Davis

HARRISBURG PROBABLE STARTERS: RHP Satchel Paige, RHP Daltie Cooper, RHP Geechie Corbett, and LHP Willie Gisentaner

CRAWFORD TOP HITTERS: HOFers 1B Oscar Charleston, C Josh Gibson, CF Cool Papa Bell, 3B Judy Johnson, DH Jud Wilson

HARRISBURG TOP HITTERS: CF Oscar Charleston, 1B Ben Taylor, 2B Frank Grant, 3B John Beckwith, RF Rap Dixon

NOTES: The Crawfords hold a 12-8 edge, including five in a row on the way to the 2008-I Hoverter-Reed title. The opener will be played on Paige's 102nd birthday. In a unique twist only possible in fantasy baseball Satch will pitch for both teams. This year's Giants schedule will feature 32 all-star squads from each of 16 Major League and 16 Negro League franchises. After 32 series the three franchises from each organization with the best records will play the final six series with the best from each organization (after two series) advancing to the 2008-II Hoverter-Reed Cup.