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Spottswood Poles by Fredrico, Part One

Fredrico is a Renaisance Man from Mechanicsburg, PA. He is a Mensa level musician, inventor, philosopher, griot, sage, and Negro League Baseball fan. This piece was written around 1998 for a Harrisburg Negro League event. In order to manage the article is broken into sections. Apologies to Fredrico.

Spottswood Poles was a great athlete and was called one of the four greatest black athletes of all time by famed actor, singer and athlete, Paul Robeson. Robeson also placed pugilists, Jack Johnson and Joe Louis, plus track star, Jesse Owens among the quartet of all-time superstars. Hall of Fame manager, John McGraw echoed Robeson’s sentiments when he placed Spottswood Poles among the all-time great outfielders in baseball history. Syd Pollock noted Negro League owner and excutive said that Oscar Charleston and Spottswood Poles were the two greatest outfielders in Negro League history.

Many in his time would compare and call him the black Ty Cobb, but the comparison to Cobb would have to end when they have left the ballfield. Cobb’s intensity on and off the diamond many have said came from almost a demonic driven desire, which catapulted him to the upper echelons of success both in baseball and in business. That same demonic driven desire would also burn compassion and gentility out of Cobb’s life to the point that his personal relationships with his wives, his children, many players and fans would be left in ashes.

Whatever liberties sportswriter Al Stump took in writing his book on Cobb and Hollywood in bringing it to the silver screen, there still seems to be very few admirable traits to be found in Ty Cobb’s life except his skill as a baseball player. I find it quite strange that advertising executives have decided to use Cobb’s image for the 1998 baseball season’s campaign for ESPN. In this day and age when there are many complaints about the lack of role models in the pool of sport’s heroes, wouldn’t it have been refreshing to see Spottswood Poles, who deserves the same acclaim as afforded to Cobb, be portrayed in a baseball promotion. I must admit that Ty Cobb was an awesome baseball player, but I feel that Spottswood Poles may very well have been his equal or even better!

From what I’ve gathered in my search for who Spottswood Poles was as a man, which in the end is more important than his playing skills, I’ve assimilated the following impressions: His intensity came from a love of life and a desire to do the right thing. He was a man of dignity and pride, but had understanding and compassion. He was a man who didn’t suffer fools gladly and expected maximum effort from those around him in whatever mutual endeavor. He was a man of honor, who despite suffering the throngs of racism, still went to do what he believed was his duty by serving in the U.S. Army as a sergeant in the 369th infantry in France during World War I.

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2005-II Week Four Games 25-32

2005-II-25 07/25/05 Island Park A -1,491
2004 Boston Red Sox 010 000 000 – 1 1 1
HARRISBURG GIANTS 000 241 01x – 8 12 0
HR- Ortiz
WP – Geechie Corbett 4-0
LP – Pedro Martinez

* Ortiz HR only Red Sox hit; Corbett’s E.R.A. now 2.61
* Eggleston, Cannady 3 hits apiece
* 8 different Giants scored; Dixon shut out

2005-II-26 07/26/05 Island Park A -1,515
2004 Boston Red Sox 000 211 600 – 10 13 1
HARRISBURG GIANTS 003 202 010 – 8 11 2
HR- Dixon, Millar 2, Ortiz
WP – Arroyo Save - Foulke
LP – D. Cooper

* Millar’s 4 hits, including 2 homers, pace Bosox
* Jints keep it close in the 9th when 3 of 4 Red Sox reach safely but a DP and a basepath out end inning
* DH allows all four great Giant flyhawks to play: Charlie, Rap, Fats, and Spot 2005-II-27 07/27/05 West End Grounds A -1,461
2004 Boston Red Sox 001 010 011 – 4 11 1
HARRISBURG GIANTS 100 000 14x – 6 11 0
HR- Manny Ramirez
WP – Ping Gardner
LP – Mike Timlin

* Giants stole 5 on Mirabella
* Bottom of 8th features 5 singles and a hit batsman for 4 Giant runs
* Wise Johnson two run single provides margin; had three ribbies for the day

2005-II-28 07/28/05 West End Grounds A -1,218
2004 Boston Red Sox 020 000 110 000 02 – 6 13 1
HARRISBURG GIANTS 220 000 000 000 00 – 4 12 1
HR- Mark Bellhorn
WP – Mike Timlin
LP – Wilbur Pritchett

* Both starters pitched well; Bill Wakefield after allowing 4 in the first two hurled 6 shutout innings; while Gisentaner wobbled a couple of times but pitched a gutsy 13 IP allowing 4
* Mark Bellhorn’s HR tied it in 8th
* Kevin Millar 1-2 with a double, 3 walks, and 2 HBP
* Red Sox scored two, left two in 2nd without a hit
* 14th inning rally = Millar double, Varitek singled with Millar holding third … followed by two harmless outs but Minkiwiecz and Damon added two out singles

2005-II-29 07/29/05 Cottage Hill Field A -1,906
2004 Boston Red Sox 000 002 020 06 – 10 11 1
HARRISBURG GIANTS 000 300 000 00 – 3 9 1
HR- Manny Ramirez 3, Kevin Millar
WP – Schilling
LP – Ryan

* Oops! No need for the 10th, oh well … gotta pay more attention
* Manny Ramirez homered in his last three appearances including gamewinner in 8th and frosting in the 10th
* Curt Schilling went 10 for the win
* Red Sox take series 3-2;
2005-II-30 07/30/05 Cottage Hill Field A -1,457
Homestead Grays 110 000 000 – 2 5 1
Harrisburg Giants 102 000 10x - 4 7 2 [16-14]
HR – Josh Gibson, Oscar Charleston 2 (11)
WP – Geechie Corbett 5-0
LP – Raymond Brown

* Charlie’s 2nd homer of game in 7th provides insurance
* Corbett 9 5 2 2 4 2 W, CG and starts two 1-6-3 DPs
* Dummy Day adds an unassisted DP in 9th

2005-II-31/32 07/31/05 Rossmere Base Ball Park A -2,371
Homestead Grays 000 000 001 - 1 5 1
Harrisburg Giants 140 102 10x – 9 11 0 [17-14]
HR – Oscar Charleston 2 (13)
WP – Daltie Cooper 2-3
LP – Roy Partlow

* Two more for Charlie, now on pace for 65!
* Charlie was 4 for 4 with 6 ribbies, 2 runs and a steal
* Daltie Cooper surrenders 5 hits and has two himself

Homestead Grays 020 000 002 – 4 7 0
Harrisburg Giants 000 201 002 – 5 8 1 [18-14]
HR – Rap Dixon, Buck Leonard
WP – Red Ryan 1-1
LP – Lefty Williams

* Tubby Scales ends rallies in 7th & 9th by hitting into DPs
* Leonard’s HR in 9th puts Grays up…
* … Spot Poles PH wins it in the bottom of 9th
* to spark the Series Sweep!

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CHICAGO - Theodore Roosevelt "Double Duty" Radcliffe, a former Negro League star thought to be the oldest professional baseball player, died today of complications from a long battle with cancer. He was 103. Ted Radcliffe grew up in Mobile, Ala. as one of 10 children. As a teenager in 1919, he and his brother, Alex, also a baseball player hitchhiked to Chicago. A year later, Ted
signed with the semi-pro Illinois Giants for $100 a month. The rest of his family soon followed and settled in Chicago. He formally entered the Negro National League in 1928. He was given the nickname "Double Duty" by sports writer Damon Runyon in the 1932 Negro League World Series, when Radcliffe played both games of a double-header for the Pittsburgh Crawfords. In the first game, he caught a Satchel Paige shutout; in the second, Radcliffe pitched a shutout of his own. Runyon wrote that Radcliffe "was worth the price of two admissions." "Double Duty shared such a love for baseball and a passion for life," said White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf. "We all loved to see him at the ballpark, listen to his stories and share in his laughter. He leaves such a great legacy after experiencing so much history and change during his long life. He will be missed by all of us with the White Sox." Radcliffe, who played for or coached 30 teams in his career, recorded an estimated 4,000 hits and 400 home runs, winning 500 games and collecting 4,000 strikeouts as a pitcher. He appeared in six East-West All-Star games, pitching in three
and catching three. He was known to be glib and fast-talking. Ty Cobb once reported that, as a catcher, Double Duty wore a chest protector that said "thou shalt not steal." As player-manager of the integrated Jamestown Red Sox in 1934, Radcliffe was the first Black man to manage
professional white players. At age 41, Double Duty won the Negro American League MVP award, and a year later homered into the upper deck of Old Comiskey Park during the
East-West All-Star Game. In 1945 with the Kansas City Monarchs, Radcliffe roomed with Jackie Robinson, and he was later credited with integrating two semi-pro leagues. In 1997, Radcliffe was inducted into the "Yesterday's Negro League Baseball Players Wall of Fame" in Milwaukee. At age 96, he became the oldest man to appear in a professional game when he threw a single pitch for the Schaumberg Flyers. Radcliffe earned the State of Illinois Historical Committee's Lifetime Achievement Award and was honored by Mayor Richard M. Daley as an outstanding Chicagoan. He was inducted into the Illinois Department of Aging Hall of Fame in 2002 and a WGN-TV documentary about his life, narrated by Morgan Freeman, won an Emmy Award. Every year since his 99th birthday (including his 103rd birthday this July), Double Duty threw a ceremonial first pitch for the White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field. Always a friendly face at the ballpark, Radcliffe enjoyed dozens of White Sox games each season and gladly entertained players and fans with his wealth of wonderful stories.
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The Charleston Wedding: November 1922 in Indianapolis, Indiana ... Oscar Charleston weds Harrisburg's Jane Blalock. Posted by Picasa

An Interview With Oscar Charleston

Oscar McKinley Charleston, Player-Manager of the Harrisburg Giants, sat for a rare interview with the Blogmaster. The interview actually took place through the magic of the APBA Major League Baseball Game at Charlie's home in 1925 (I can't explain) on 16th Street in Harrisburg, PA. I found myself at the Charleston home after attending Sunday Mass at St. Francis Catholic Church around the corner on Market Street. The home is located at 12 South 16th Street and, when I last viewed it in 2005, had been converted to a two family home. I drive by there often and seeing its condition and the vibrant nature of what I new to be a quiet and somewhat rundown neighborhood caused me to park the car and approach the house. Once close I saw the neatly dressed, friendly woman sweeping the sidewalk and I remarked about the street; its life; its well manicured little gardens; the design of the street lights; the cars (the cars!). Where was I. It turned out she was Jane Blalock Charleston; Mrs. Oscar Charleston; and she invited my woozy self onto her porch for some lemonade and a nice seat on a swininging chair. It was not long before Oscar Charleston arrived home in full uniform having played a game in Lancaster that day. After some awkward introductions (between a pair of timetravelers) Mr. Charleston graciously sat for an interview:

Me: It is truly a pleasure to meet you; I am a big fan and have followed your life and career for quite a while.
OC: So I see ... I don't pretend to understand but I don't think it benefits your or my purpose to spend too much time wondering about this happenstance of a meeting. What can I do for you?
Me: Are you enjoying this season playing such a formidable schedule?
OC: It is a challenge I sought for all my life. I played the best players in the world but to take the field against Ty Cobb was a moment I dreamt of and to beat his Tigers 4 of 5 was a great thrill and the Babe, a great ol' guy, the greatest of them all, to play that Murderer's Row squad was also a long sought match. I look forward to meeting Barry Bonds in a few weeks. His playing abilities remind me of mine at a younger age. I hit with such a power and speed combination as is his fashion.
Me: What are some highlights of the season so far?
OC: I'm excited about Beckwith's run at .400 and Geechie's 5-0 start. Can he win 30? My homer total is 13 you know. I'd love to beat Ruth's record. As far as the highlight game; I very much enjoyed the series with the Crawfords. Even the loss was stirring.
Me: Do you read the Blog?
OC: No; but the Patriot News covers all the games as if playing a team from 2004, like those champion Red Sox, is normal.
Me: Are you aware of the fact that you are in the National Base Ball Hall of Fame?
OC: Yes ... very proud of that ... me and Cool. I am also aware that it is likely many more players from my day; from my leagues; may be installed next year.
Me: Who do you think belongs in the Hall that is not in?
OC: Well, I know I'm in and I know I belong but I'm not sure who all is in ... if I was selecting I'd pick Santop and Gibson; ol' Ben Taylor at first; Bingo at second; Henry Lloyd at short; the Ghost at the hot corner; Torriente, Dihigo, and Rap Dixon as the flyhawks; of course I'd have Satch on the mound. Seems I named a couple of Harrisburg Giants there. I thought Rogan was the greatest all around player; perhaps more versatile than Dihigo. Dismukes could also pitch.
Me: Do you have...
OC: Just a second. I'm not done.
OC: I played baseball before the Negro Leagues were formed and I was still managing, and occasionally pinch hitting, after their demise. I played outfield in my youth. I want to tell you about the greatest outfields I ever played with. In 1918-19 I played for the Chicago American Giants under Rube Foster. My partners in the outfield were Christobal Torriente and Jimmie Lyons. (NOTE: I did not interject but Jess Barbour saw more playing time than Lyons in '19 and both Duncan & Hill saw more time than both Charlie & Lyons in '18). Later, in Cuba with the Santa Clara Base Ball Club, I patrolled the pickets with the great Alexandro Oms and Pablo Mesa. Now, that was an outfield; certainly the best that you never heard of young man. In 1922-23, winter you understand, me an Oms both hit over .400. But the best outfield I ever played with; the best I may humbly add that I have ever seen; was the outfield of these Harrisburg Giants - me in center between two other centerfielders; Rap Dixon played right with his cannon of an arm and he was a great hitter. A feared hitter. Went to Japan and wooed the Emperor with his bat. In left was little Clarence Jenkins; not an ounce of wasted flesh on him yet for some reason we called him Fat. Fat Jenkins. Him and Georgie Fiall on our team were cagers. They were great basketball players; the pair of them; so we called them "the heavenly twins". However, good as Fats was at basketball; I believe he was better at baseball. All of those outfielders: Torriente, Hill, Lyons, Oms, Mesa, Jenkins, Dixon and others are Hall of Fame candidates. I hope Rap gets his due in '06. This Blog can help that you know.
Me: What about the ti...
Jane: Do you boys want some more lemonade?

With that I was off the porch, in the street, looking at the duplex on the shabby street. A few youngsters ran by me to the porch in response to the entreaties of the mother offering refreshment to the neighborhood. While, in a sense, I felt welcome and invited; I got back in my car and drove back to my world.

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If you visit here please let me know .. I've had two or three e-mails from readers but little else. If something peaks your interest please post a comment be careful to comment on the site and not simply send an e-mail. It is this interactive feature that makes a blog ... a blog. I want to continue to maintain and update it but only if it is being read. Thanks much for your attention.

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2005-II Week Three Games 17-24

2005-II-17 07/18/05 Cottage Hill Field A-1,892
1909 Detroit Tigers 001 000 000 – 1 8 1
GIANTS…………... 000 300 21x – 6 8 0 (8-9)
HR- John Beckwith (3)
WP – Cliff Carter 2-1 1.29
LP – Summer

* Ty Cobb proved quite the attraction as the 1,892 was far and away the largest crowd at Steelton’s Cottage Hill Field for the season.
* The game was actually played – i.e. the dice rolled - at Lancaster’s new Clipper Magazine Stadium. Attending with me were John Cochrane, Rebecca, Don Adams and his sons, and several other APBA conventioneers.
* The Tiger offense proved to be a dullard … scattering 8 hits with Cobb going

1 for 4
* Ben Taylor had three hits including a homer and a double
* John Beckwith continues torrid: .434, 3, 8 with a team leading 23 hits, 13 runs, 1219 PRO
* Harrisburg is hitting .266 with 4.4 runs per game; with a 4.18 E.R.A. allowing 5 runs per game
* The APBA Conference ended the next day with NYer John Hunt capturing the tourney leading the 1975 Cincinnati Reds to the title of the defending champion 1957 Milwaukee Braves

2005-II-18 07/19/05 Cottage Hill Field A-1,751
1909 Detroit Tigers 000 000 000 – 0 4 0
GIANTS…………... 000 102 32x – 8 11 1
HR- Charleston 2 (7), Gisentaner (2)
WP –Gisentaner
LP – Donovan

* Lefty’s numbers: 9 4 0 0 3 3 CG Sho W
* Charleston’s 2 HRS put him on pace to slam 60 in 154!
* Both Rap Dixon & Ben Taylor sat out their first game of the year
* Only Charlie and Rev Cannady have appeared in every game
* 9-9 .500!

2005-II-19 07/20/05 Island Park A-1,866
1909 Detroit Tigers 002 001 021 – 6 9 0
GIANTS…………... 000 000 002 – 2 9 1
HR- Ty Cobb
WP –Mullin
LP – Lucas

* Mullin masterful in pinch; Jints get a hit an inning for 6 innings – no runs
* Mullin tired in 9th and yielded two runs
* Cobb’s homer sparks Tygers; Donie Bush 3 adds hits
* Beckwith remains torrid with 2 hits

2005-II-20 07/21/05 Island Park A-1,601
1909 Detroit Tigers 100 000 001 – 2 5 1
GIANTS……...…… 020 000 001 – 3 8 0.
HR- none
WP –Corbett
LP – Willett

* Crawford triples home a run in first
* Cannady matches with a run scoring trip of his own in 2nd, however the Jints do not strand him
* Score remains 2-1 until 9th when Cobb singles/steals and scores on Delehanty’s single
* Bush booted Cannady’s grounder to start 9th, Taylor singled and Poles pinch-hit wins it
* Spottswood Poles is 4 for 6 with three walks (.778 OBP) as a pinch hitter

2005-II-21 07/22/05 West End Grounds A-1,301
1909 Detroit Tigers 100 000 000 – 1 5 0
GIANTS…………..000 305 10x – 9 12 2
HR- Charleston (8), Beckwith (4)
WP – D. Cooper
LP – Summers, 2nd loss of series

* Beckwith 3 for 3 and Hit by a Pitch in finale
* Cannady slammed two doubles and hit into two double plays
* Jints get 6 hits in a row in the 6th
* Charleston 5 for 19 with 3 HRs and steal, Cobb 4 for 18 with one HR and 1 SB
* .272 average with 4.4 runs/game & 3.77 E.R.A. and 4.3 runs allowed/game

TRANSACTION – Pitcher Mervern “Red” Ryan, who played for the Harrisburg Giants in 1922, joined the team after the game.

Beckwith .462, 3 HRs, 12 R.B.I.
Charleston .301, 8, 18
Taylor .312, 4, 18
Cannady .317, 0, 15
Dixon .247, 0, 4

Corbett 3-0 3.10
Gisentaner 2-1 4.63
Carter 2-1, 1.29
Gardner 2-2 2.59

The Pittsburgh Crawfords during their brief period at the pinnacle of Black baseball had shown very bright. For most of that period they featured five future Hall of Famers: Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Cool Papa Bell, Judy Johnson, and Oscar Charleston. In 1932 they had five former Harrisburg Giants on their roster: Charleston, Rap Dixon, Fats Jenkins, Walter Cannady, and Three-Finger Gisentaner. It turns out that, despite Jim Riley and APBA carding him, Satchel Paige seemingly did not appear in a game for the Crawfords in ’35. Despite that he is scheduled to pitch in the upcoming Sunday doubleheader. Here comes game one:

2005-II-22 West End Grounds A-1,422
PGH 011 202 023 – 11 15 1 WP- Roosevelt Davis
HBG 121 201 001 - 8 13 1 LP – Ping Gardner
HR - Gibson

* Sam Bankhead injured early
* Cool Papa Bell had 3 hits, including 2 triples and one steal
* Harrisburg’s Charleston had 4 hits, including 2 triples, 4 ribbies
* Pittsburgh’s Charleston draws the collar
* Curtis Harris’ pinch hit followed by Cool Papa Bell triple put fords in lead in 8th
* Josh Gibson’s homer in 9th provided the ultimate margin, he had a triple earlier
* Mmy friend Willie Fordham had his debut marred by the Gibson HR, not to mention a balk
* Tthe Crawfords showed balance as all 9 lineup slots got a hit
* After no balks in the first 21 games, the Giants committed two in the last two innings

* Aa nice crowd is expected for tomorrow’s doubleheader scheduled for Rossmere Base Ball

2005-II-23/24 07/24/05 Rossmere Base Ball Park A-2,502
This double header drew a large crowd to watch Crawford aces Paige & Matlock pitch. A sweep was expected but not the sweep that happened.

1935 Pittsburgh Crawfords 004 200 001 – 7 12 1
HARRISBURG GIANTS 301 020 12x - 9 11 0
HR- Josh Gibson (2nd of series)
WP – Lefty Gisentaner
LP – Satchel Paige

* Gibson’s 4th innig grand slam goes for naught
* Charlie scores 3x for Harrisburg and once for Pittsburgh – only in Fantasy Ball J
* Gibson purposely passed in 9th to load bases…Judy Johnson bounced out
* Gisentaner, hitting .438, doubled and scored the ultimate winning run in 8th
* Sam Cooper, with his 8.71 E.R.A., earned a one pitch save

1935 Pittsburgh Crawfords 001 100 000 – 2 9 0
HARRISBURG GIANTS 200 000 01x – 3 4 0
HR- Charleston (9)
WP – Carter 3-1
LP – Matlock

* Jints were 6-2 on the week
* Charlie knocked in all three Giant runs
* Poles on base all four trips, two steals, two runs
* Beckwith caught the last three innings

Pittsburgh Crawfords v HARRISBURG GIANTS
July 23rd at West End Grounds, Harrisburg
July 24th, Sunday Doubleheader, Rossmere Base Ball Park, Lancaster,
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2005-II Week 2 Games 14-16

2005-II-14 07/16/05 Island Park Harrisburg, PA A-2,718
1910 Leland Giants 003 000 003 - 6 9 1
GIANTS…………. 300 020 000 – 5 7 2 (6-8)
HR- Charleston (4)
WP – Wickware
LP – Cooper, D 0-2 2.77

* At APBAcon in Lancaster, Eric Naftaly managed the victorious Lelands. Eric is a veteran and astute player as well as a gentleman. In Las Vegas in ’04 he won the APBA tournament and this year he was eliminated on a tiebreaker after winning 8 of 10.
* Lelands trailed never lead until 9th
* 9th: Lloyd 2B, Petway rbi single, two outs ensued before Pryor’s pinch hit single tied it, Pete Duncan’s bingle put Chicago in the lead.
* Rube Foster earned the save
* Lloyd had a pair of doubles; Charlie had 3 hits, a homer, and 2 steals

2005-II-15-16 07/17/05 Rossmere Base Ball Field A-2,309
1910 Leland Giants 000 000 000 – 0 7 0
GIANTS………….. 100 101 10x – 4 13 0 (7-8)
HR- none
WP – Ping Gardner 2-2 2.59, 2nd shutout in a row!
LP – Pat Dougherty

* Giles Thibaut, from Pittsburgh, managed the Lelands. A delightful hybrid Buc/Les Expos fan with ties on his wife’s side to the Homestead/Munhall area across the bridge from Pittsburgh.
* Ping Gardner’s second straight shutout, he had two hits
* Spottswood Poles stole three and scored two
* Charlie had two hits, two ribbies
* Henry Jordan reached all plate appearances, 3 hits and a walk

1910 Leland Giants 240 410 – 11 15 0
GIANTS………….. 000 001 - 1 4 1 (7-9)
HR- Charleston (5)
WP – Rube Foster’s 2nd win of the series
LP – S. Cooper 0-3 9.00 ouch!

* Newest APBA Hall of Famer Gentleman Joe Sweeney managed the Leland Giants in his only appearance of the weekend outside of the tournament. I was flattered to play him. He showed no mercy with the dice.
* this lopsided game was called because of darkness after 6 innings
* Chicago had 15 hits in their 6 innings … Cooper surrendered them all
* Jap Payne had 4 hits, Pop Lloyd had 3 and three others had a pair
* Harrisburg completes week two with a 7-9 mark

Sleep Charlie

The following poem was written to eulogize Oscar Charleston by his former teammate Gentleman Dave Malarcher:

OSCAR CHARLESTON by David J. Malarcher, third baseman, Indianapolis ABCs

Sleep, Charlie! Thou, the great, the strong!
Within the depths of mud and mire!
While high above the diamond throng
The sterling statue in retire
Proclaims the splendor of thy game,
Thy paramount, unequaled fame!

Thou were the best who roamed the field!
Thy stalwart fingers never failed
The batters’ erring fate to seal,
The pitcher’s powers wrought too frail!
Oh! Would thy skill could live always
To stir the sportsman happy praise!

Sleep, Charlie! I, who knew thee well,
Do here declare to Earth and time
In Heaven’s language, thus to tell,
In poignant poetry divine,
The glory of thy destiny
Thus this undying rhyme to thee!

Sleep, Charlie! Now in holy dust!
(As mighty Cobb and Petway rest)
Bearing the praise of all of us,
The diamond’s greatest and the less
Here honor we on thee bestow,
That ages will thy greatness know.