Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Happy Opening Day! After three years of silence ... I'm back. It is my intent to report on my 2012 fantasy teams and other baseball issues here on this blog. It appears that I will have three such teams plus some competitive predictions to share. So, let’s begin with the predictions: 1) the Pittsburgh Pirates will win 79 games this year. and; 2) the Yanks, Tigers, Rangers will capture division titles and be joined by the Rays and Angels in the playoffs with the Bronx Bombers capturing the gonfalon. In the NL, Atlanta, Cincy, SF capture the divisions with the Nats and Rockies sneaking in as wild cards. The Giants win the pennant, the Giants win the pennant. October weather My Fantasy Leagues include the following: Coal Cracker League. A $50 entry fee makes this serious. A $20 side bet adds to the interest. Alas, my team does not have the feel of a winner. The boys are named Lancaster Catholic High School after my alma nad hopefully I will not embarass the name as I did last year when I finished last. Since it is a modified rotissiere league it is driven by current year MLB stats and begins today. Legends of Baseball. A $0 fee covers administrative costs but this is a league with pride as the only reward. It is simulated baseball as opposed to fantasy and includes any MLB or Negro League player that you want to draft. My team is the Lancaster Red Roses and I expect to contend for a woild card spot. My stud is a gentleman named Oscar Charleston. If you know him ... God Bless! Opening day is tomorrow and the game enjine is Diamond Mind Baseball. California Winter League is my own little experiment. It is a four team simulation with Hall of Fame players and several non-HoF but deserving Negro League players. This is an APBA solataire league - just call me J. Henry Waugh. Let's play two!