Friday, February 29, 2008

1921 Chicago American Giants

This is Rube Foster's team he founded it, played for it, managed & coached it, administered it and owned it. In 1920, the C.A.G. captured the initial Negro National League pennant. Since 2007-II, the C.A.G. holds a 21-17 edge over the Harrisburg Giants. A sweep by the hometeam would tie the knot.

February 29, 2008
West End Grounds, Harrisburg
Attendance: 2,401
Umpires: Art Fields & Julip Arp
CAG 000 102 100 - 4 8 0
HBG 000 003 000 - 3 7 0
HR - none
SB - Oscar Charleston (14), Dave Malarcher 2, Bingo DeMoss, John Beckwith (2)
WP - Otto Sparks Save - Jack Marshall
LP - Red Ryan 6-5 4.94
Feature: C.A.G. built a 3-0 lead that held until starter Sparks weakened; yielding consecutive hits and a long fly tying the game in the bottom of the 6th. However, Bingo DeMoss tripled off Ryan leading off the 7th and scored on Cristobal Torriente's grounder. Jack Marshall retired five in a row but gave up a two out 9th inning single to Bunny Downs setting up power hitting pinch hitter Edgar Wesley as the potential winning run. Marshall struck him out to insure the American Giants will leave town on Sunday still holding the career edge.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

1925 Pittsburgh Pirates

This was the last championship team in Pittsburgh for 35 years. Down 3-1 versus Walter Johnson's last hurrah Senators; the Bucs rallied for three straight wins to take the 1925 title. They treated the Harrisburg Giants just as rudely taking 3 of 4 at Island Park, Harrisburg

2/25 Pittsburgh 2, Harrisburg 0
Attendance: 1906
HR - Glenn Wright, Pgh
WP - Specs Meadows
LP - Willie Gisentaner 2-5 5.34

Three Fingered Gisentaner pitched well, 7IP, 6 H, 2 R, but his opponent - Meadows - was spectacular facing the minimum 27 batters, yielding two singles both erased by double plays.

2/26 Harrisburg 6 Pittsburgh 1
Attendance: 1878
HR - Rap Dixon (5)
WP - D. Cooper 3-2 3.16
LP - Ray Kremer

Rev Cannady and Hen Jordan each knocked in two runs in the 4th to lead the Harrisburg Giants to the victory.

2/27 Pittsburgh 7 Harrisburg 2
Attendance: 2009
HR - Rap Dixon (6), KikI Cuyler
WP - Tom Sheehan
LP - Chas Henry 1-1 4.20

Twin runs in the 5th, 7th, and 8th for the Pirates portended the victory. Tom Sheehan went a gutsy 6 innings and Jug Handle Johnny Morrison hurled the final three for the save. Cuyler, Carey, Wright, and Grantham had two hits each for the Corsairs.

2/28 Pittsburgh 5 Harisburg 3
Attendance: 2265
HR - John Beckwith (5)
WP - Babe Adams
LP - Geechie Corbett 4-3 4.35

Wiley veteran Babe Adams pitched 8 solid innings scattering 10 hits but no walks while yielding three runs.

Harrisburg 31-29
AVG .243 led by Oscar Charleston .307, Beckwith .294, O.Johnson .286
HR 42 led by Charleston 9, Dixon 6, Beckwith 5, O.Johnson 4
SB 62 led by Charleston 13, Dixon 10, Jenkins 10, Poles 9
Runs 4.28 RPG led by Charleston 37, Dixon 36
E.R.A. 4.43 led by Daltie Cooper 3.16
Runs Allowed 4.88

Monday, February 25, 2008


The last time I posted - October 2006 - the Harrisburg Giants had a 55-55 record on their way to an 83-71 record against some of the greatest teams of all-time. Some have voiced the opinion that such a record is unrealistic and that the Giants could not have won series against such teams as the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates, 1965 Los Angeles Dodgers, and capture 23 of 30 versus contemporary major league teams. I must point out that this season (2006-I)as well as all years but one (2007-II)found a composite Harrisburg Giants team featuring as many as three Hall of Famers taking on a specific major league team from a specific season. In other words, it pitted the best players in the admittedly brief existence of the Giants versus a single year's team. In the exception year (2007-II) that same composite Harrisburg Giants took on composite major league teams and suffered a losing season. The overall record of the Giants - now in their 6th season of competion on this blog is 418-404 .509. While it might be suprising to some; given the rules of engagement (again, a composite all-star team vs. single season teams) I feel the result is within the realm of possibility.

For those who need a refresher; all games are played using the APBA Major League Baseball Game. APBA has been the cadillac of baseball simulation games since its debuted in 1951.

Tomorrow, the 2008-I season will pick up where it is about 1/3 of the season.