Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Saint Louis Browns

July 14, 2008 Island Park, Harrisburg
A – 2,413
Umpires – Art Fields, Julip Arp

StL 001 000 009 -10 14 0 LP – Jim Palmer
Hbg 032 100 54x - 15 18 1 WP – Willie Gisentaner
HR – Rev Cannady (2), John Beckwith 2 (3), Rap Dixon (2)

The Harrisburg Giants ended their season opening 8 game losing streak in spectacular fashion this afternoon on the island. The Giants scored 15 runs on 18 hits including four circuit clouts. John Beckwith (4 for 28 entering the game) went 4 for 5 with 6 ribbies. Dixon (.405 on the season) and Cannady added three hits each. This first win was a laugher until the 9th with the Giants entering the last inning. Willie Gisentaner was in control but when he yielded a leadoff double Manager Charleston turned the game over to Sam Cooper. Cooper faced three men who all reached; Wilbur Pritchard did Cooper one better facing four without an out. Finally, it was Miles Lucas turn and he got lucky with his second batter – after a double – when the ballpark barely held Brooks Robinson’s deep sacrifice fly. Baby Doll Jacobsen singled in the game’s final run before Lucas retired the last two batters. The entire lineup reached and scored in that closing stanza.

Same two teams tomorrow and what promises to be an intense game with Charlie being hit with purpose pitches in both of the last two games and Earl Weaver managing the Brownies. It will be Chas Henry versus Miguel Cuellar.

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