Sunday, April 13, 2008

1925 Hilldale Daisies

April 11 West End Grounds, Harrisburg
Attendance 1,919
Umpires Julip Arp, Art Fields
HILL 100 020 010 - 4 LP - Phil Cockrell
HBG 201 011 10x - 6 WP - Willie Gisentaner, Save - S. Cooper
HR - Ben Taylor (4)
Feature: Hall of Famer Ben Taylor paced the Lawmakers attack with a pair of hits, including his 4th round tripper, and a sac fly. Willie Gisentaner hurled six strong innings and Wilbur Pritchard and Sam Cooper brought it home. Rap Dixon, Oscar Charleston and John Beckwith also had two hits each as the Giants pounded 12 safeties off Phil Cockrell. The same two teams will be back in action tomorrow at the uptown grounds.

April 12 West End Grounds, Harrisburg
Attendance 1,942
Umpires Art Fields, Julip Arp
HILL 202 013 002 - 10 WP - Red Ryan
HBG 000 000 220 - 4 LP - Chas Henry
HR - none
Feature: On March 30th I played a game at a Barack Obama rally and today, April 12, I played this game at a rally for Obama. This time the candidate was not present not that he witnessed the first game but he was in the building. Red Ryan picked up the win for Hilldale but was also at one point warming up for Harrisburg. Only in fantasy or simulated baseball can that happen. Otto Briggs three hits paced the Hilldale Daisie attack. The action moves to Lancaster for tomorrow's doubleheader.
April 13 Rossmere Base Ball Park, Lancaster, PA Sunday Doubleheader
Attendance 2,561
Umpires Julip Arp, Art Fields
HIL 422 100 410 - 14 WP - Nip Winters
Hbg 000 010 030 - 4 LP - Daltie Cooper 4-7 3.92
HR - Wise Johnson (2)

Umpires Art Fields, Julip Arp
HIL 102 103 020 - 9 WP - Rube Currie
Hbg 000 001 000 - 1 LP - Ping Gardner 4-8 7.07
HR - none
Feature: The Hilldale Club, featuring Hall of Famers Biz Mackey, Judy Johnson, and Louis Santop swept this doubleheader in Lancaster. A relaxed Nip Winters won the first game despite permitting 11 baserunners. The Hilldale hitters pounded 22 hits enabling the relaxation. In the nightcap, Frank Warfield led the 16 hit attack with four safeties, George Carr and Mackey had three each. Rube Currie pitched a nifty five hitter for the victory. The losses leaft the Giants 12 games under .500 with only 42 games to play.

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